Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Somehow I am unsettled. Perhaps I am mentaling about all the mechanics that I need to do. Perhaps I am excited about the people who are walking in. Perhaps I am nervous about how I would show up in the room. Perhaps I am worried that I may not do it right…

Sometimes, it can be such an irony. When I am trying something new, not knowing what to expect, not knowing what is going to happen, there may be little fear to freeze me as there is nothing and no basis for me to... However, when I have experienced it once and know how it may be like, I may be hesitant to attempt another round…

Bad experiences with things may stop me short. They may alter my entire views about certain issues and ways of doing things, thus I may never want to be caught in similar situations ever again. Yet again, past experiences are not meant to be taken as a “predication or forecast for future performances”?

Good experiences? Well, I know the process is exhilarating, so much so that I suspect that my faint heart may not be able to take such roller coaster excitement!

So see, life is so troublesome, isn’t it?? Hahaha…

But then again, “Oh, What The F***, Go For It Anyway!”

When the intention and vision are clear, things will eventually fall in the right place… :)

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